My name is Jamie Hunter. I design things using points & pixels.

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I'm a multi-disciplinary designer and ideas guy.

I've always been creative and was rarely seen without a pencil in my hand as a child. Eventually, my scribbles-on-paper turned into pixels-on-screen and I've been working as a graphic designer since 2001 when I took on my first freelance contracts at the age of 14.

After leaving secondary school I went to college to study graphic design. From there I went straight into employment as a junior designer. Now, at the age of 27, I have over 7 years of industry experience within which I have worked with a range of clients, from local businesses to international agencies.


I can be found elsewhere on the internet...


Occassionally on Twitter as @At_Least_Calais


Sometimes on Dribbble as /JamieHunter


Often on Instagram as /At_Least_Calais


Always on Electronic Mail at

Thank you.